Definition of vulnerability in English:



  • 1The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally.

    ‘conservation authorities have realized the vulnerability of the local population’
    ‘he is confined in isolation because of his vulnerability to infection’
    count noun ‘con artists are great at spotting our vulnerabilities’
    • ‘The report stresses the vulnerability of farmers in the marketplace.’
    • ‘His group determines a plant's vulnerability by inoculating detached leaves with the pathogen.’
    • ‘Some medications, as well as alcohol and cocaine, increase vulnerability to heat.’
    • ‘All vertically oriented and framed behind glass, the exhibits exuded a dour vulnerability that I didn't expect.’
    • ‘More and more consumers want an emotional connection to their food, a trend that gains strength with every new disclosure of the vulnerabilities of our current industrial food-production model, he has found.’
    1. 1.1Bridge Liability of a partnership to higher penalties, either by convention or through having won one game toward a rubber.
      • ‘In duplicate bridge, vulnerability is indicated on boards, in rubber bridge, it is determined in other ways.’
      • ‘If you complete a part score to make game, your game bonus is determined according to your vulnerability when you made the last score.’
      • ‘You must always bear in mind the vulnerability when deciding how high to overcall.’
      • ‘How to resolve those high-level guesses is an eternal problem One important factor is vulnerability.’
      • ‘Vulnerability is very important for deciding the line of defensive bidding.’