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trademark in UK
  • A long horn blown by fans at soccer matches in South Africa.

    ‘Furthermore, she urged the 2010 organisers to consider ways to minimise the potential harmful effects of vuvuzelas.’
    • ‘People lined the streets, lustily blowing vuvuzelas or shouting encouragement.’
    • ‘I showed Jubilee, an automated vuvuzela from my 2006 Cape Town show ' Promised land '.’
    • ‘South Africans blew their vuvuzelas, long plastic horns that collectively make a sound like a million angry bees.’
    • ‘Nearby a crowd of African National Congress supporters held old ANC election banners and blew vuvuzelas.’
    • ‘About 2500 revellers on Mary Fitzgerald square in Johannesburg leapt for joy, waved South African flags and blew vuvuzelas.’
    • ‘A lone vuvuzela blower awaits the thousands of fans.’
    • ‘I threatened it with the same dire course of action and consequence I used to harbour towards people blowing vuvuzelas.’
    • ‘Several people in the crowd were waving flags or wearing the organisations' T-shirts while the sounds of vuvuzelas could be heard everywhere.’
    • ‘What followed was a burst of applause, a standing ovation and the periodic piercing howl of a vuvuzela smuggled into the hall by an enthusiast.’
    • ‘Taxis will fill up the ranks outside and loud singing and chanting will be heard for miles, with blasts from the vuvuzelas rupturing the air.’
    • ‘As typically South African as ' boerewors ' and the vuvuzela, rooibos tea has always been a favourite.’
    • ‘As court proceedings began, hundreds of Zuma supporters could be heard singing and blowing vuvuzelas outside.’
    • ‘Everyone departed with their own vuvuzela to celebrate the win to host the 2010 World Cup and 10 years of freedom.’
    • ‘The sound of the vuvuzelas will thunder through the stadium, while fans try to outdo one another in their partisan colours.’
    • ‘The vuvuzelas will be out and fans will be dressed in their colours as Orlando Pirates take on title-holders Kaizer Chiefs.’
    • ‘The mostly young crowd was excited at the prospects of being part of the event, and brought their flags, vuvuzelas and voices, to declare themselves part of the proceedings.’
    • ‘The ear-splitting bray of vuvuzelas added to the noise, as marshals battled to keep the marchers in line.’
    • ‘As early as 9am, the streets of East London were alive with people - clad in the black and gold colours of both teams - blowing their noisy vuvuzelas.’
    • ‘I want them to beat drums, pots, blow vuvuzelas and sing to create a scary atmosphere for Sundowns.’



/ˌvo͞ovəˈzelə/ /ˌvuvəˈzɛlə/


Perhaps from Zulu.