Definition of W boson in English:

W boson


another term for W particle
‘US particle physicists had never felt any real competition until the W boson was discovered at CERN in 1983.’
  • ‘And on page 29 Peter Renton explains how the latest results on the W boson from CERN and FermiLab in the US are pushing the Standard Model to the limit.’
  • ‘It was 20 years ago this month that particle physicists caught their first glimpse of the W boson.’
  • ‘The W boson is the key to our understanding of the weak force, which in turn can tell us how stars, radioactivity and other nuclear processes work.’


W boson

/ˌdəbəlˌyo͞o ˈbōˌsän/ /ˌdəbəlˌju ˈboʊˌsɑn/