Definition of wack job in English:

wack job


(also whack job)
informal North American
  • A crazy or extremely eccentric person.

    • ‘he has established himself as a paranoid wack job’
    • ‘The film does exactly what it sets out to do -- create genuine suspense about a teenager's fate in the hands of a predatory whack job -- and does so within a fresh conceptual framework.’
    • ‘We understood their frustration, but still thought they were total whack jobs.’
    • ‘You may not like him, but by no means was the man a "wack job."’
    • ‘It turned out Lori was a little bit of a whack job herself.’
    • ‘This guy is a total whack job but makes killer music.’
    • ‘Giving these wack jobs any attention just fuels the fire.’
    • ‘Now I know he is a total wack job.’
    • ‘Stop pandering to the wack jobs.’
    • ‘So, before you undertake a project like getting diver certified, make sure your instructor isn't a wack job.’
    • ‘The fact that the wack jobs and nutball groups are opposed to him tells me that he is on the right path.’