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wading pool

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North American
  • A shallow artificial pool for children to paddle in.

    British term paddling pool

    ‘When the class was done I went down to the wading pool where the kids end their session.’
    • ‘The only other thing you'll need is a wading pool or a sprinkler for little ones who want to cool down.’
    • ‘She collapsed into bed and then the kids demanded that their new wading pool be blown up for them.’
    • ‘I know that he's lived with the settling belief that I'm about as deep as a wading pool.’
    • ‘In the Duck Pond game, twelve, large plastic ducks float around in the baby wading pool.’
    • ‘There was also a wading pool to see who could make the biggest splash, and trying to catch a fish in a net proved to be challenging.’
    • ‘The Point State Park master plan includes a restored fountain with a wading pool for children.’
    • ‘The wading pool has been shut but the swimming complex remains open.’
    • ‘One of our favorite spots is Lodi Lake, which has a well-run public beach, lifeguards, and a wading pool for kids.’
    • ‘The kids paddled in the wading pool and drove plastic cars around the yard.’
    • ‘It's about cherishing the memory of wading pools in the backyard.’
    • ‘He walked into the pool area, it was very elegant, there was a large hot tub, an elegant wading pool and an athletic pool for swimming laps.’
    • ‘For one garden, she created a stylized, contemporary aqueduct in which water slips over stone ledges into a wading pool.’
    • ‘Be especially watchful of young children around lily ponds, wading pools, large puddles, buckets and large containers of any sort.’
    • ‘They then helped sweep the floor, feed the fish, give the dogs treats, and even water the garden with leftover puddles from the backyard wading pool.’
    • ‘What the hotel billed as an outdoor pool was nothing more than a small wading pool, so we did not spend too much time there.’
    • ‘Get rid of standing water in bird baths, ponds, flowerpots, wading pools, old tires, and other places where mosquitoes might breed.’
    • ‘Fill a wading pool with a few inches of cool water to give pets a pleasant place to ‘chill out.’’
    • ‘Eight inflatable plastic wading pools were placed in a field, filled to a depth of 25 cm with pond water, and left uncovered.’


wading pool

/ˈwādiNG ˌpo͞ol/ /ˈweɪdɪŋ ˌpul/