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‘The club president must rule meetings with a firm hand, keeping the inevitable wafflers and time-wasters under control.’
  • ‘He then accused them of being a bunch of over-qualified wafflers who had no idea that the point of business was to sell, sell, sell.’
  • ‘They have compiled a chart and list of quotes on the 2004 Democratic presidential candidates - letting you know who the hawks, doves, and wafflers are.’
  • ‘They are professional fence-sitters and wafflers of a whole new order.’
  • ‘They're wafflers and while it makes good radio and television, it often doesn't make much sense.’
  • ‘But because he doesn't typically explain issues in black and white terms he's painted as a waffler, a hopeless compromiser, and, for many on the left, a sellout or a pseudo-liberal.’
  • ‘If you have a position that falls between these two monochromatic options, you're indecisive, a waffler.’
  • ‘He is such a waffler and so tiresome that I actually turn the radio off when he chimes in.’
  • ‘The truest are not wafflers, and they are not afraid to stand up for something controversial.’
  • ‘For a notorious waffler, Beazley's speech was brief and to the point.’



/ˈwäf(ə)lər/ /ˈwɑf(ə)lər/