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‘As one observer noted waggishly, janitors take garbage away, they don't bring us more.’
  • ‘Since the first of its Thirty-nine Articles describes god as ‘without body, parts, or passions,’ he waggishly theorized that the church was atheistic.’
  • ‘One political scientist waggishly - but probably accurately - describes the average American's political ideology as a ‘mild blend of consensus and apathy.’’
  • ‘He becomes part-owner of a racehorse waggishly named ‘The Prime Minister’, and loses £70,000 betting on its performances in the Derby and St Leger.’
  • ‘This work has been cited, waggishly, as showing that we don't have free will so much as ‘free won't,’ but is it really as devastating for ‘autonomous man’ as Dennett believes?’



/ˈwaɡəSHlē/ /ˈwæɡəʃli/