Definition of waggishness in English:




See waggish

‘And that combination of waggishness with laddishness which goes down well in Britain will benefit his reputation.’
  • ‘He has become a wellspring for wisdom and waggishness for a broad range of diverse historical figures and colorful characters.’
  • ‘He was tall and athletic, shrewd, apt, and intelligent, with a ‘little sprinkling’ of waggishness.’
  • ‘M.C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel combine waggishness, an incredible knowledge of pop culture, and highbrow aesthetics in such a way that it never approaches what one would normally call pop music.’
  • ‘Performances, unfailingly good, veer gingerly over the top but don't trade the characters' waggishness for their humanity.’



/ˈwaɡəSHnəs/ /ˈwæɡəʃnəs/