Definition of waggle dance in English:

waggle dance


  • A waggling movement performed by a honeybee at the hive or nest, to indicate to other bees the direction and distance of a source of food.

    ‘Finally, at the furthest distances from the nest, a waggle dance is performed.’
    • ‘We observe biological examples ranging from the foraging bee's waggle dance to the genetic code.’
    • ‘The scientists watched the waggle dance occurring in a glass observation hive and identified recruits.’
    • ‘Most biologists believe the famed waggle dance of the honeybee constitutes coded language that directs other bees to nectar and pollen.’
    • ‘In honey bee colonies, scouts search for productive forage sites and then recruit other workers to those locations using a waggle dance.’


waggle dance

/ˈwaɡəl dans/ /ˈwæɡəl dæns/