Definition of Wagner tuba in English:

Wagner tuba


  • A brass instrument of baritone pitch with an oval shape and upward-pointing bell, combining features of the tuba and the French horn and first used in Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen.

    • ‘Valved horns were permitted, in the light of Wagner's own equivocation about them, joining those valved horn hybrids known as Wagner tubas.’
    • ‘Then there is a piano, a celesta and the two Wagner tubas, which are part of a group of fifteen wind instruments.’
    • ‘His Wagner tuba was an especially fine instrument, made by the Stradivarius Gadget Works in Birmingham.’
    • ‘The repertoire for the Wagner tuba is severely limited, but unsurpassed for sheer quality.’
    • ‘Just like the standard horn in F, the Wagner tuba is written a fifth higher than sounding.’