Definition of wagon-lit in English:


nounplural noun wagons-lits/ˌvaɡäNˈlē/ /ˌvæɡɑ̃ˈli/ /ˌvaɡänˈlē/ /ˌvæɡɑnˈli/

  • A sleeping car on a European railroad.

    ‘The Gravy Train is the story of Philip Bushill-Matthews's journey to Brussels on a PR wagon-lit.’
    • ‘At Belgrade I was left looking after the luggage while my husband went off to organize a couchette or wagon-lit for the rest of the journey.’
    • ‘A railroad car - the wagon-lit in which a German delegation signed the WWI armistice on November 11, 1918, and in which a French delegation signed the surrender of France to the Third Reich on June 21, 1940.’



/ˌvaɡäNˈlē/ /ˌvæɡɑ̃ˈli/ /ˌvaɡänˈlē/ /ˌvæɡɑnˈli/


French, from wagon ‘railway coach’ + lit ‘bed’.