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wagon train

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  • A convoy or train of covered horse-drawn wagons, as used by pioneers or settlers in North America.

    ‘The southern army began its retreat to Virginia late on 4 July, its wagon train of wounded soldiers stretching for seventeen miles.’
    • ‘Once General Sully's army reached Fort Union, the civilian wagon train, safely beyond Sioux country, continued west on its own.’
    • ‘One of the largest investors, the New York and Montana Mining Company, spent $39,000 just to outfit a wagon train to transport a mill.’
    • ‘‘He was tall and striking looking,’ according to Mollie Sheehan, the bright eleven-year-old who rode in the same wagon train with him from Denver to Bannack.’
    • ‘The French war administrator Michel le Tellier took the lead in calculating the ration requirements of an army, arranging for civilian contractors to supply food, and setting up a wagon train with provision reserves.’


wagon train

/ˈwaɡən ˌtrān/ /ˈwæɡən ˌtreɪn/