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  • A slender Eurasian and African songbird with a long tail that is frequently wagged up and down, typically living by water.

    Family Motacillidae: two genera, in particular Motacilla, and several species

    ‘Both pipits and wagtails bathe in shallow standing water.’
    • ‘There's a bench here and you could spend time looking out for moorhens, coots, wagtails and warblers, and the fish that attract them.’
    • ‘They are ground birds, with very long hind toes and claws, like those of skylarks, and they have a habit of running about like wagtails, though without flicking their tails.’
    • ‘They plant the kind of crops on which not only the pheasant feed, but also thousands of wagtail, curlew, lark, pipit, finch, plover and other species that have been in decline for years.’
    • ‘The farm also has breeding Willow Tit, Grey wagtail and Sparrowhawk.’



/ˈwaɡˌtāl/ /ˈwæɡˌteɪl/