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  • 1The action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.

    ‘years of waiting’
    • ‘The inevitable result is that waiting times have grown and now stand at a staggering 53 weeks for a routine MRI scan.’
    • ‘No forms to fill out, no instant check, no waiting period.’
    • ‘Blair led the way out of the office and into the larger waiting area.’
    • ‘It's about 30 years since the bypass was first proposed which has meant over a generation of waiting.’
    • ‘I was put into the custody of social services after hours of waiting.’
    • ‘Localized prostate cancer can be either treated with radiation, surgery or watchful waiting.’
    • ‘Secondly, 50 children changed from watchful waiting to surgery.’
    • ‘Waiting times range from 23 months in Queensland to 54 months in Tasmania.’
    • ‘If you download in the mornings, before the US wakes up, there's generally no waiting time.’
    • ‘Mary insists it was worth every waiting minute though and the band themselves were reportedly positive about their experience.’
    • ‘There were other monitors that switched views between empty hallways and vacant waiting areas.’
    • ‘There's no waiting period between creation and review, and there's no editorializing.’
    • ‘A waiting period after vasectomy is required to clear the reproductive tract of sperm.’
    • ‘But the Farrells say after two months of waiting for real action, they have had enough.’
    • ‘I have the patience of a bull ant and cannot stand this waiting business; it's driving me nuts.’
    • ‘The train which would serve me best was scheduled to arrive in half an hour, so I decided to continue my waiting until then.’
    • ‘You know there is a three day waiting period to purchase this game?’
    • ‘Then beginning the first stretch of waiting until the blue and red lights and white cars arrived.’
    • ‘Patients also prefer general practice management and welcome reduced waiting times and travelling costs.’
    • ‘The redevelopment will see the construction of a ticket office and waiting area together with public toilet and baby changing area.’
    eager, excited, agog, waiting with bated breath, breathless, waiting, anticipatory, hopeful
  • 2Official attendance at court.



/ˈwādiNG/ /ˈweɪdɪŋ/