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nounplural noun waitpersons

mainly North American
  • A waiter or waitress (used as a neutral alternative).

    ‘Can you negotiate with the sushi chef, or must everything go through a waitperson?’
    • ‘Disarming as beauty is when paired with charm, the waitpersons are also as informed as they are informal.’
    • ‘And the waitperson explained that shrimp and bacon are not an exchangeable menu item - it would have to be one or the other.’
    • ‘As we were seated, our waitperson cryptically asked, ‘Have you dined here before?’’
    • ‘And I've never gone out to dinner with my dad when he hasn't gotten into an in-depth conversation with the waitperson.’
    • ‘You don't have to treat your waitperson like your best buddy, but you should give them the same respect you'd expect from any business transaction.’
    • ‘Harrell shared a story of the ‘I like you because…’ variety and how it made a 15-year veteran waitperson's day.’
    • ‘I took him to the one joint in the city where I can pull the Cosmopolitan Sophisticate routine. No menus for us, waitperson; inform the chef that James is here, and he may cook what he pleases.’
    • ‘I first saw the new antihero last year on a waitperson's chest (slogan: ‘Cute but psycho’), but I didn't know her name then.’
    • ‘But then, most waitpersons aren't very good at listening to customers, so it evens out.’
    server, waitress, stewardess, steward, attendant



/ˈwātˌpərs(ə)n/ /ˈweɪtˌpərs(ə)n/