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  • A woman whose job is to serve customers at their tables in a restaurant.

    ‘We didn't have long to wait before a cheerful waitress seated us at a small table for two near a window.’
    • ‘She was the only waitress who refused to serve the bikers who dined there several times a week.’
    • ‘Flash has the friendliest bouncers, most evil bar tenders and sweetest waitresses of any club.’
    • ‘The waiters and waitresses wore black trousers or skirts and black T-shirts.’
    • ‘The two of them had got a job together working as waitresses at a local restaurant.’
    • ‘I stroll to the other end of the hall and the waitress seats me at an empty table.’
    • ‘My sister lives in Florida and works as a waitress for the Red Lobster restaurant chain.’
    • ‘How does the salary for a waitress at Hooters compare to waitresses at other restaurants?’
    • ‘Mum worked as a waitress at the Ark restaurant in Palace Gardens Terrace and went on to be a photographer.’
    • ‘The waitresses served sandwiches cut into triangles of white bread, and wore those black and white uniforms.’
    • ‘Edwardian-style waitresses served tea of salmon and cucumber sandwiches, cakes and scones on the lawn.’
    • ‘After Shaz had been staying at our place for a few weeks, she got a job as a waitress in the restaurant of a nearby hotel.’
    • ‘The waitress who served me my pizza had clearly been reading Professor Elias's study.’
    • ‘During the meal we were served by five different people - three waiters, two waitresses.’
    • ‘When your BBQ items are ready, one of the friendly waitresses will bring the plate right to your table.’
    • ‘Efficient waitresses managed to keep tables cleared as customers departed and before more arrived.’
    • ‘Instead, waiters, waitresses and every other person who used to have to rely on tips to live were given a decent wage.’
    • ‘Vacated tables were cleared promptly and service by traditionally dressed waitresses was efficient.’
    • ‘I was in Australia not so long ago and spoke to a young waitress serving at the table.’
    • ‘Here you'll sit at long communal tables while waitresses in Bavarian costume serve foaming pots of beer.’
    steward, waiter, waitress, porter, servant, menial, auxiliary, assistant, helper



/ˈwātrəs/ /ˈweɪtrəs/