Definition of wake-robin in English:



another term for trillium
‘Newcomb had used the same term to describe the habitat of the Canada violets that I had found massed in a moist shady spot, as well as for the beautiful crimson wake-robins, or red trilliums, that bloomed here and there on the forest floor.’
  • ‘The large flowered wake-robin is probably the showiest one.’
  • ‘White trilliums are also known as large-flowered trilliums, snow trilliums, showy trilliums, grand trilliums, and white wake-robins.’
  • ‘Three sepals, three petals, twice three stamens, three styles, a three-celled ovary, the flower growing out from a whorl of three leaves, make the naming of wake-robins a simple matter to the novice.’
  • ‘The trillium or western wake-robin as it is sometimes known is an attractive perennial wildflower suitable for shady woodland gardens.’
another term for cuckoopint



/ˈwākˌräbən/ /ˈweɪkˌrɑbən/