Definition of waking in English:



  • The state of being awake.

    ‘he hangs between sleeping and waking’
    • ‘That way they would have to suffer every day of their waking life with the knowledge of what they had done.’
    • ‘With three small discs I can store enough music to keep me happy for the entire waking day.’
    • ‘Turns out he's just dreaming, but his waking reality is just barely less harsh.’
    • ‘The waking at night for comfort definitely started when we started looking for houses a couple of months back.’
    • ‘So, our sleeping brain may be able to find solutions that our waking brain cannot.’
    • ‘However, I should have been able to shake my dream mood from my waking mood.’
    • ‘Since I spend so much of my waking day in my car I've got myself a stereo that is also an MP3 player.’
    • ‘All our waking life we and our minds are in constant dialogue, negotiation, argument, disagreement.’
    • ‘In the dream, his waking life seemed unreal and incongruous.’
    • ‘Only during the first and last two hours of your waking day is alertness significantly impaired.’
    • ‘We spent the next two hours reliving our waking nightmare together.’
    • ‘In hard times, every waking moment was spent foraging for food.’
    • ‘We spent every waking moment together, talking and laughing.’
    • ‘It rules your thoughts and consumes your every waking moment plus some.’
    • ‘When Ben was born we bought a camcorder in order to capture his every waking moment no matter how insignificant.’
    • ‘Apart from his sister, there are no women in his life, and all his waking hours are devoted to his patients.’
    • ‘Neither the schools that most children attend nor the mass media that fill so many of their waking hours offer such experiences.’
    • ‘Kirsty spends most of her waking hours doing the housework and making sure her mother has everything she needs.’
    • ‘But it's certainly a little tricky expanding your social circle when your entire waking life is spent in the company of the same six other people.’
    • ‘He dedicates every hour of his waking life to playing the best tennis he can, and what is his reward?’



/ˈwākiNG/ /ˈweɪkɪŋ/