Definition of walk-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwôk ˌəp/ /ˈwɔk ˌəp/

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  • 1(of a building) allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only; having no elevator.

    ‘a walk-up hotel’
    • ‘He had an office in my grandmother's dilapidated walk-up office building.’
    • ‘This walk-up design envisioned one layer of two-story row houses on top of an identical layer of row houses.’
    1. 1.1(of a room or apartment) accessed by stairs.
      ‘Wait till we paint, or put up some art… then I'll be happy to show off our walk-up penthouse.’
      • ‘Living in a walk-up apartment as a cripple is sure to be hell.’
      • ‘From our rundown walk-up office on Spadina, we threw together campaigns against cruise missiles and nuclear power.’
      • ‘Besides, I dare you to come up with something more fun than shopping for wedding dresses and a new walk-up apartment with crutches.’
      • ‘To some, inner Berlin is a grim city made of walk-up flats round dingy courtyards - but the ways of living that these embody are loved by the citizens.’
      • ‘In a third-floor walk-up gallery next door to a Church Street bookshop, a handful of youthful students is learning how to loosen society's oppressive grip.’
      • ‘I forgot the movie but I remember coming home to our Brooklyn walk-up apartment to see the somber look on the faces of my parents as they stared into the floor radio and listened intently to the war reports.’
      • ‘After first moving there in the winter of 1940, Guthrie met and lived with the legendary bluesman Leadbelly and his wife Martha in their cramped walk-up apartment on the lower East Side.’
    2. 1.2(of a building or service) easily accessible to pedestrians.
      ‘a walk-up food stand’
      • ‘It's a large, sit-down restaurant, open late nights, with a walk-up window of course.’
      • ‘Hanrahan said the Bay and Broad facility will offer a walk-up window for customers, as well as a drive-up ATM.’
      • ‘You can get an ice cream cone the size of your head for two bucks at the Twist of the Mist - a walk-up ice cream shop shaped like a giant ice cream cone.’
      • ‘About 2/3 way through the trip, the train makes one intermediate station stop near where there is a walk-up trail to the top of the mountain.’
      • ‘The apartments have private balconies and porches linked to walk-up stoops, mimicking the privately owned houses in the neighborhood.’
    3. 1.3(of a travel fare) at the price charged for immediate use rather than at the lower level provided when a customer makes a reservation in advance.
      ‘the one-way walk-up fare from Baltimore to San Francisco’
      • ‘So, even before SimpliFares, the network carriers lowered many walk-up and advance-purchase fares to match prices charged by LCCs on those competitive routes.’


North American
  • A building allowing access to the upper floors by stairs only.

    ‘He carted them all back to his rent-stabilized walk-up on the Upper East Side.’
    • ‘I'm also on the fourth floor of a walk-up, so racing up and down is not an option.’
    • ‘They explored solutions such as taking down some of the towers and adding walk-ups.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting spaces to open recently is the South African-run Axis Gallery, located on the top floor of a tiny walk-up at 453 West 17th Street.’
    • ‘On a weeknight in early February, the front line in the battle to privatize America's public schools reached the top floor of a five-story walk-up in Flatbush, Brooklyn.’
    • ‘It was an 80-floor walk-up, we were saying, and they'd better book the next day off.’
    • ‘Within a few days of settling in to my apartment in a four-story walk-up, I plunged into the novel.’
    • ‘He held to a value system he couldn't find in Kenwood, or in the bug-infested walk-ups, or in the shelters.’
    • ‘I was not married; I lived in a five-story walk-up in the East Village; I worked freelance; and I would have to go on bed rest in March.’
    • ‘Immigrants felt they had truly made it in the New World when they traded in their four-storey walk-up for a four-car garage.’
    • ‘Glouberman lives in a walk-up next door to The Beaconsfield; his roof-top patio overlooks the site where the bar wants to build theirs.’
    • ‘Instead I had a dodgy job for a dodgier boss, working out of a four floor walk-up above a bridal wholesalers in Soho.’
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