Definition of walk (or stand) tall in English:

walk (or stand) tall


  • Be proud and confident.

    ‘stop wishing that you were somehow different—start to walk tall!’
    • ‘Yet, if he survives the challenges at hand, his political stature will be increased dramatically, and he'll be able to walk tall, proud of his achievements.’
    • ‘How are you supposed to be confident and walk tall if you are too tired to even hold your eyelids open?’
    • ‘His walk was different too; not too obvious to a glance, but Tommy walked tall and proud; like a man who was not a prisoner but one who had everything under control.’
    • ‘Madala was dressed in the full regalia of a captain, and walked tall and proud, hand on her sword hilt, and the other gripping her pike.’
    • ‘Abe, Bart, and Cody stood tall and proud as they dared the Governor or Milton to stared yelling at them.’
    • ‘He stood tall and confident, a smile radiating through his features and hair unkempt but it suited him.’
    • ‘She had a look of sheer determination in her eyes, and stood tall and proud, unsmiling.’
    • ‘He stood tall and proud, he had definitely seen his fair share of action.’
    • ‘The man who started his working life as a teacher before joining Bobby Robson's staff at Porto and Barcelona as, first interpreter, then coach, now stands tall, and characteristically proud, as one of the best in the business.’
    • ‘Two men joined him, wiping their foreheads, but still standing tall and proud under their heavy layered uniforms.’