Definition of walk all over in English:

walk all over


  • 1informal Treat in a thoughtless, disrespectful, and exploitative manner.

    • ‘they thought they could come in and walk all over us’
    • ‘For some reason, beyond my comprehension, our Government seems prepared to allow continental operators to walk all over us in this manner and it is quite scandalous.’
    • ‘Minding one's manners is not synonymous with playing doormat and having people walk all over you.’
    • ‘All his life people have used, abused and walked all over him.’
    • ‘If no-one speaks up then she just walks all over guys, which at least means that she treats them equally.’
    • ‘You've been treating me with such kindness and I've walked all over you as though you were mud.’
    • ‘Guys do not want girls who are too nice to them, or girls they can walk all over and get too easily.’
    • ‘It showed that the league were weak and let one of their own members ‘walk all over them’ .’
    take advantage of, impose on, exploit, make use of, use, abuse, misuse, manipulate, take liberties with, trifle with, play with
    1. 1.1Defeat easily.
      • ‘The National League walked all over them.’
      • ‘The results reflected the change that has come over their morale and training since the grim days when the opposition team walked all over them.’
      • ‘Have faith in our new guys—they are going to walk all over Florida tonight.’
      • ‘He didn't walk all over his opponent, needing 1 hour 45 minutes to dispose of him.’
      • ‘They're not the first team to walk all over the opposition.’
      trounce, beat hollow, defeat utterly, rout, annihilate, triumph over, win a resounding victory over, be victorious over, crush, overwhelm, best, get the better of, worst, bring someone to their knees