Definition of walk away in English:

walk away

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phrasal verb

  • Casually or irresponsibly withdraw from a situation in which one is involved or for which one is responsible.

    ‘they can walk away from the deal and leave the other person stranded’
    • ‘the department's intention is to develop this site and then walk away’
    • ‘The two men casually walked away when they saw the witness coming towards them.’
    • ‘If somebody's hurling abuse at you, it may be better to just walk away from the situation.’
    • ‘It is not good enough for these politicians to walk away and ignore the situation.’
    • ‘Maybe then fewer men and women would walk away from parenting responsibilities.’
    • ‘There is a tendency, at present, for some to simply walk away to avoid becoming involved.’
    • ‘And the players would be free to walk away if the club were to default on their wages on Friday.’
    • ‘When Jane leaves Archie, what she walks away from isn't men, but literature.’
    • ‘Some fear the turnaround will fall apart if Davies walks away.’
    • ‘In the morning she walks away to her new life without a backward look.’
    • ‘If one of those unions walks away, there will be winners and there will be losers.’