Definition of walk the walk in English:

walk the walk

(also walk the talk)


informal North American
  • Suit one's actions to one's words.

    • ‘it's hard to walk one's talk when it comes to keeping the environment clean’
    • ‘Some really do hold to their word and walk their talk.’
    • ‘And I concluded it's better to walk your talk than to talk.’
    • ‘But in this field of new-media communication, you'd better be able to walk your talk.’
    • ‘If you care what others think of you, want to be happier and make others happier, then walk your talk.’
    • ‘My son places a high premium on loyalty to family and friends, and he has been raised to walk his talk.’
    • ‘She is a woman who walks her talk which is often reflected in her writing and art.’
    • ‘It's the first time I'm really walking my talk as an environmentalist.’
    • ‘As I look back, I feel that I was not really walking my talk.’
    • ‘The people that truly succeed in the fitness industry walk their talk by promoting and leading healthy lives.’
    • ‘Why is it important, as we now say, to walk our talk?’