Definition of walk through in English:

walk through

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phrasal verb

  • 1walk someone through somethingGuide someone carefully through a process.

    ‘a meeting to walk parents through the complaint process’
    • ‘Very briefly, walk us through that legal process.’
    • ‘I'm trying to walk you through the drafting process.’
    • ‘The book will walk you through the process, from locating the necessary supplies and ingredients to preparing your own starter culture.’
    • ‘Let me walk you through the process of making the switch.’
    • ‘Your consultant should be able to help you identify the necessary permits and walk you through the permitting process.’
    • ‘John, first of all, can you walk us through the process right now?’
    • ‘It's OK to feel it, but we also want them to take it a step further and help us walk them through the process.’
    • ‘Can you walk us through, essentially, the process under which a person is designated a saint by the Roman Catholic church?’
    • ‘The program is pretty self-explanatory and walks you through the process of scanning your hard drives and registry, identifying spyware components, and removing them.’
    • ‘The documentation that comes with the system is fairly complete and walks you through the install process easily.’
  • 2walk through somethingRehearse a play or other piece, reading the lines aloud from a script and performing the actions of the characters.

    ‘he walked through the script with me’
    • ‘In the line up I start by reminding the actors of how we approached the scene in rehearsal and then asking them just to walk through the action.’
    • ‘Expecting an actor to have the stamina to walk through a piece dozens of times while the set dressers worry about where to place a fire hydrant, and then provide a fresh, emotional performance just isn't reasonable.’