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  • A portable two-way radio.

    ‘Then he used his walkie-talkie to radio headquarters for reinforcements.’
    • ‘The Nextel Group Connect service allows up to 21 participants on a group walkie-talkie call.’
    • ‘The Push to Talk service is offered over a wired network, allowing for a far wider range than traditional walkie-talkies.’
    • ‘To move human cargo across this border, smugglers now use cell phones, walkie-talkies, even GPS devices.’
    • ‘The politician was questioned by police demanding a licence for a hand-held walkie-talkie radio used by one of his bodyguards.’
    • ‘The emergency management team used portable walkie-talkies for roving reports from within the hospital to the coordination center.’
    • ‘As low-powered walkie-talkies do not cause interference with other licensed radio services, they need not be licensed for use here.’
    • ‘Do you remember the old walkie-talkies or CB Radios of the 1970's?’
    • ‘Plainclothes police with walkie-talkies observed the demonstration from strategic positions around the building, but made no arrests.’
    • ‘Like traditional walkie-talkies, the service only works one way at a time, meaning users will be unable to interrupt one another as they can during a normal phone call.’
    • ‘You probably think of walkie-talkies as toys you've out-grown, but high-tech versions of the two-way radios are making a major comeback.’
    • ‘It lets two mobile phones ‘communicate’ with each other over an always-on GPRS connection, like walkie-talkies.’
    • ‘Today's moonshiners are big time criminals who use night-vision goggles, radio scanners and walkie-talkies and illegal immigrant workers to stay ahead.’
    • ‘Because they're part of multi-function data units, most VoIP-enabled walkie-talkies have more features than traditional non-IP radios.’
    • ‘McBride recommends using walkie-talkies for smaller areas, such as theme parks or stadiums, and cell phones for activities in larger areas, such as city sightseeing.’
    • ‘You could even junk your walkie-talkies because the 5140 has a function called push-to-talk, which allows it to behave like a handphone as well as a walkie-talkie.’
    • ‘Today, tree-sits are sophisticated efforts employing cell phones, walkie-talkies, Web sites, mountaineering gear, and savvy public relations.’
    • ‘With safety in mind we worked as a team, with walkie-talkies in each car, alerting each other when roads were clear for passing.’
    • ‘RPZ and I have a set of walkie-talkies with us - those cool blue Motorola ones families can use to stay in touch while skiing or hanging out in the mall.’
    • ‘‘Stall holders disappeared as soon as we moved in,’ he said, adding that the people selling the pirated material had been tipped off by look-outs carrying walkie-talkies.’



/ˈwôkēˈtôkē/ /ˈwɔkiˈtɔki/ /ˈwäkēˈtäkē/ /ˈwɑkiˈtɑki/