Definition of walking leaf in English:

walking leaf


another term for leaf insect
‘I saw a walking leaf on an episode of Dirty Jobs, and it was such an odd looking, striking insect that I just had to design one.’
  • ‘Clonopsis gallica is an insect of the walking leaves family (Phylliidae).’
  • ‘The walking leaves range from 20-330 millimeters long, and are green or brown in color.’
  • ‘Male walking leaves often ride like that on females, and not for the reason that you think!’
another term for walking fern
  • ‘The walking leaf species is found mostly in shady areas on moist, mossy boulders and rock crevices often associated with limestone outcrops.’


walking leaf

/ˌwôkiNG ˈlēf/ /ˌwɔkɪŋ ˈlif/ /ˈwôkiNG ˌlēf/ /ˈwɔkɪŋ ˌlif/ /ˌwäkiNG ˈlēf/ /ˌwɑkɪŋ ˈlif/ /ˈwäkiNG ˌlēf/ /ˈwɑkɪŋ ˌlif/