Definition of walking pneumonia in English:

walking pneumonia


  • A type of pneumonia caused by mycoplasmas, with symptoms similar to but milder than those of bacterial or viral pneumonia. It spreads easily and typically affects school-age children and adults under 40.

    ‘It's a wonderful remedy for lung ailments such as bronchitis and walking pneumonia, and it has also been shown to lower blood glucose levels when taken regularly over a period of time.’
    • ‘I am just recovering from a terrible cough and infection that my doctor diagnosed as walking pneumonia.’
    • ‘The last time I lost my voice it turned out to be walking pneumonia and since I have chronic asthma, I went to see my PCP.’
    • ‘Weiss excused his short performance, in which he finished fourth in Atlanta, explaining, ‘It's been a difficult couple of months with having flu and then walking pneumonia.’’
    • ‘Then our engineer came down with walking pneumonia, but fortunately, Mitch came up a couple of times to bail us out and help on engineering until Bill got back on his feet.’