Definition of wall-hung in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwôlˌhəNG/ /ˈwɔlˌhəŋ/


another term for wall-mounted
‘This price also includes two wall-hung mirrors, each with its own adjustable magnifying mirror to use when shaving or applying make-up, and techno-styled, chrome-plated faucets.’
  • ‘The custom-made cabinetry provides storage space that the simple wall-hung sink in the original bathroom didn't afford.’
  • ‘Make it easy for the kids to use the sink by installing a wall-hung model several inches lower than you would for an adult.’
  • ‘Three main types of washbasin are available: wall-hung, pedestal and vessel.’
  • ‘What they'll find inside are Seaman's enormous, colorful sculptures - both freestanding and wall-hung - which are created using copper, brass, steel or aluminum.’
  • ‘Unapologetically decorative and crafty, these seven pieces suggest wall-hung, bejeweled baroque chandeliers.’
  • ‘Amrhein exploits both the physical and metaphoric transparency of glass and vellum paper in sculptural installations and large wall-hung pieces.’
  • ‘The bedrooms are served by a family bathroom with a freestanding cast-iron bath and a wall-hung wash-hand basin, with the toilet located separately.’
  • ‘He builds box-shaped, wall-hung, plastic and aluminum constructions, usually comprising two connected parts.’
  • ‘These small wall-hung shelving units, both constructed and readymade, come in various finishes and a variety of minimalist designs.’
  • ‘The latter is expressed, for example, in a piece featuring a large wall-hung Dutch flag like the kind soccer fans wave at football matches.’
  • ‘The wall-hung rugs may be modernism pastiched as design, but the one on the floor is more like Joseph Beuys reworked as nursery nightmare.’
  • ‘There are two cheekier wall-hung picture puzzles - geometric jigsaws in which the pieces are gleaming blocks of paint.’
  • ‘There are lots of traditional, unthreatening bistro favorites to pick from on the wall-hung menu.’
  • ‘Radiators as wall-hung area heaters don't rely on the thermal mass of the floor to work well, and will not dictate whether you lay carpet or tiles.’
  • ‘The loos, since you ask, come complete with splashbacks in Prada-green, wall-hung toilets and piped-in fragrance.’
  • ‘The wall-hung paintings acted as a backdrop for three sculptures placed in the center of the gallery.’
  • ‘These also create extra wall space for a wall-hung basin and shelving.’
  • ‘Boilers can also be divided into floor-standing, wall-hung and back boilers.’
  • ‘Corner and wall-hung units with reduced depth have ensured that bathroom furniture is accessible to all.’