Definition of wall-mounted in English:



  • Fixed to a wall.

    ‘a wall-mounted heater’
    • ‘Many of these units have fans to move the heat, and are also available with remote controls, wall switches or wall-mounted thermostats.’
    • ‘The light source inside your wall-mounted fixture can be incandescent or fluorescent.’
    • ‘Turn off the power to the room at the circuit breaker and remove any wall-mounted light fixtures.’
    • ‘The controls may be integral with the fixture or wall-mounted in place of a standard switch.’
    • ‘At the moment, wall-mounted heaters give off some warmth - but only if you're lucky enough to be sitting directly underneath them.’
    • ‘If a guy is hanging out by the patio heaters and the wall-mounted ashtrays, he smokes, or at least it doesn't bother him if you do.’
    • ‘The aerosol had been kept with other toiletries on a bathroom stand under a wall-mounted electric heater.’
    • ‘This handsome wall-mounted object consists of an upright rectangular bar with eight threaded dowels extending horizontally from its right side.’
    • ‘This country-style grandfather clock, like our wall-mounted schoolhouse clock, is well but very simply made using only ordinary tools and materials.’
    • ‘There's even a fantastically useless wall-mounted electric hob with vertically placed hotplates that seems to revel in its impracticality and urge reluctant cooks to go to the pub instead.’
    • ‘The signal-jamming equipment is packed into two wall-mounted boxes the size of small hi-fi speakers, with one beside the altar and the other at the church entrance.’
    • ‘When wall-mounted, an optional mounting bracket pivots the handgun out before the door drops down to present the holster-mounted firearm.’
    • ‘Kuo sold some of his shares in Hon Hai to buy a stake in the venture, Innolux Display Corp, which will make screens for wall-mounted televisions and other products.’
    • ‘The Cotswold Company sells a wall-mounted, foldaway ironing board for £99, which is full-size and pivots out from a neat wall-fixed unit.’
    • ‘The submitters will receive a wall-mounted plaque.’
    • ‘He built a mural arc - a wall-mounted instrument measuring the altitudes of stars as they passed the meridian - only after receiving an inheritance on the death of his father.’
    • ‘It really feels like a family restaurant in Spain, down to the zany antics of Spanish sitcoms playing on the wall-mounted TV screen and a fuzbol table by the entrance.’
    • ‘The stairwell was lit with a series of dimmed wall-mounted lamps, but was quite a stark contrast to those at her leader's establishment.’
    • ‘The touch panels, for example, come in a range of finishes and are available in a selection of wall-mounted, table-top and wireless models.’
    • ‘A wall-mounted video camera, desk microphone, video recorder, and audio-tape recorder were used.’



/ˈwôl ˌmoun(t)əd/ /ˈwɔl ˌmaʊn(t)əd/