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  • 1(of a carpet or other floor covering) fitted to cover an entire floor.

    ‘he padded across the wall-to-wall carpeting’
    • ‘Thick, beige, wall-to-wall carpeting covered the floor, and the vast bed had a frame of some sleek, dark wood.’
    • ‘Kawara transformed the space, laying gray wall-to-wall carpet on the floors.’
    • ‘Like wall-to-wall carpets they resembled, lush green lawns eventually covered just about everything in residential neighborhoods.’
    • ‘The exhibition gives a nod to the fur trade's history in Canada and also provides viewers a chance to kick off their shoes and enjoy a wall-to-wall carpet made entirely of fur.’
    • ‘Many doctors suggest that their mite-allergic patients use washable area rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet.’
    • ‘The apartment was covered in wall-to-wall thick tan pile carpeting.’
    • ‘The pavement at the entrance to the garden is covered with white wall-to-wall carpeting to welcome visitors.’
    • ‘She found a leaky pipe and a wall-to-wall carpet where mites could survive the most vigorous vacuuming.’
    • ‘If you are placing an area rug on top of a wall-to-wall carpet, don't make the mistake of thinking you can get away with something smaller just because you have so much carpet.’
    • ‘Room size rugs and some wall-to-wall carpets can be sent to the rug cleaning plant.’
    1. 1.1 informal Denoting great extent or number.
      • ‘wall-to-wall customers’
      • ‘What is demonstrates, along with the wall-to-wall media coverage, is that soccer, alone among field sports, is a global game.’
      • ‘The wall-to-wall media coverage was matched only by the grubby machinations of numerous entrepreneurs offering their ‘services’.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that we have had wall-to-wall saturation media coverage of this war.’
      • ‘Will her family get wall-to-wall and coast-to-coast coverage in the media?’
      • ‘The year-old murder case is pretty interesting, but it's not likely to become a full-blown, wall-to-wall media obsession like the Simpson saga.’
      • ‘With war looming on the horizon, the U.S. news media are already moving to wall-to-wall coverage of the conflict.’
      • ‘The shop was always wall-to-wall with satisfied customers.’
      • ‘Since the hunt for the Washington sniper reached its dramatic climax, wall-to-wall coverage on the airwaves, much as it has been the entire three weeks since the shootings began.’
      • ‘But does it really warrant wall-to-wall news coverage, to the exclusion of everything else?’
      • ‘Now he's got the job, the wall-to-wall press coverage seems to have terminated.’
      extensive, wide-ranging, global, broad, wide, comprehensive, all-inclusive, all-embracing, far-reaching, across the board, worldwide, catholic, exhaustive, pervasive