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wall chart

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  • A chart or poster designed for display on a wall as a teaching aid or source of information.

    ‘The booklet The Road Back expands on the information contained in the wallchart and is proving to be very successful in helping prison inmates focus on the areas in which they need assistance.’
    • ‘At the Yucca Mountain Information Centre, videos and wallcharts trumpet the efforts to ensure that the site is safe.’
    • ‘There are also spindle-backed chairs, bookcases with leather bound tomes and a wallchart with coloured bars of sticky paper showing optimistic staff rotas.’
    • ‘Some studies of the period declare their purposes by featuring a personage - absent, I would guess, from all school wallcharts of the Kings and Queens of England - called James III (and sometimes a monarch called Charles III).’
    • ‘Fill in one of your ten free wallcharts with fantasy results.’
    • ‘I state this so that you will recognise that when we sat down with one of those Euro 2000 wallcharts we approached our customary major tournament forecasting exercise with nothing but detached interest and honest endeavour.’
    • ‘team worked with Burnley Football Club and Burnley Community Safety Partnership to produce wallcharts and player cards, which were given out at Turf Moor and other local venues.’
    • ‘They were recently launched at the home of Burnley FC and to date 10,000 wallcharts have been distributed.’
    • ‘The seminar room has wallcharts of poets, artists, historical and scientific discoveries.’
    • ‘So as well as making up one of those weird optimum-jiggy wallcharts, it's time to shape up.’
    • ‘I have a wallchart on the back of my front door for plotting out my marathon training.’
    • ‘All you have to do is download a wallchart showing the signs of spring and then tick the first one you see and post the wallchart back.’
    • ‘Now there is a quick visual illustration of the size of the problem - someone has made a wallchart containing all the characters so far assigned in Unicode.’
    • ‘The other drawback to having to go to a gym today is that I now have to run out tomorrow which, according to my wallchart, is a rest day.’
    • ‘He hopped around from one foot to the other, then spied a big wallchart with a picture of a skeleton on it.’
    • ‘The country is now awash with unsanctioned wallcharts, stickers and advertising campaigns, he said.’
    • ‘It should be noted that the wallchart does not include current Manuals of Land Warfare and Corps Training Notes.’
    • ‘A colleague and friend of mine is busily marking up a year planner wallchart with a bunch of coloured felt-tip pens.’
    • ‘The football website also has a vibrant African Nations Cup wallchart and calendar featuring the images of African footballing stars.’
    • ‘On a kind of wallchart the facilities of the place were listed.’