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Wall Street

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proper noun

  • 1A street at the south end of Manhattan in New York City, where the New York Stock Exchange and other leading US financial institutions are located.

    1. 1.1Used allusively to refer to the US money market or financial interests.
      ‘If he gets the job, O'Neal would be the first African American CEO of a Wall Street brokerage giant.’
      • ‘She is accused of lying to and otherwise misleading officers of the law in a Wall Street insider trading case.’
      • ‘Within a few months, he signed up an ex-energy executive, a start-up veteran, and a Wall Street financier.’
      • ‘Before earning his celebrity status Koons supported his art by working as a Wall Street commodities broker.’
      • ‘Before achieving recognition as an artist, he had a prosperous career as a Wall Street commodities broker.’
      • ‘He will run CIT much like a Wall Street firm, further tying compensation to financial results, keeping a close eye on risk, and boosting fee income.’
      • ‘All of corporate America was complicit in this fraud, from the accounting firm that accepted their figures to a Wall Street that was happy to share in their profits.’
      • ‘But thanks to the net, the misleading news spread at hyperspeed and even prompted a Wall Street selloff when it appeared Bush was in trouble.’
      • ‘Even Jesse Jackson rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange and created a Wall Street Project.’
      • ‘Some decidedly New York themes have emerged, including one dog modelled after the subway map and another dressed like a Wall Street banker.’
      • ‘Founder, Eric Gleacher, a Wall Street veteran and former US marine, features in the book Barbarians at the Gate.’
      • ‘The Social Security trust fund should be in a lock box, not a Wall Street slot machine.’
      • ‘Britain would be in the front line but predictions of a Wall Street collapse have simmered for ages and still the good times roll.’
      • ‘He walked away from the venture after Mabon Nugent, a Wall Street investment firm, agreed to give him $20 million for it.’
      • ‘In the case of short sales by an individual or hedge fund, a Wall Street firm generally places these funds into a ‘restricted’ account.’
      • ‘The NYSE isn't a company, and it isn't a Wall Street firm.’
      • ‘And given how much cheaper it is for a Wall Street bank to buy research than to do it in-house, some firms may end up outsourcing a chunk of coverage, he says.’
      • ‘My father's a Wall Street bigwig, meaning that he pulls in tons of revenue from cheating off business associates, competitors, and clients.’
      • ‘Stimson had brought the 46-year-old lawyer to the War Department from a Wall Street law firm in 1941.’
      • ‘In a Wall Street context, visibility is simply what we know about future business activity.’


Wall Street

/ˈwôl ˌstrēt/ /ˈwɔl ˌstrit/ /ˈwäl ˌstrēt/ /ˈwɑl ˌstrit/


Named after a wooden stockade which was built in 1653 around the original Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam.