Definition of wall tent in English:

wall tent


North American
  • A tent with nearly perpendicular sides.

    ‘The building was actually a wall tent, and it was exactly where he had placed it on his map.’
    • ‘You'll enjoy special bonding time, as each family sleeps in their own wall tent nestled in the forest.’
    • ‘The camp would consist of a half-dozen framed and heated wall tents for guides, sleeping quarters, a cook tent and a community tent.’
    • ‘Some tent manufacturers in India also give you flame retardant wall tents made of canvas material.’
    • ‘Our tent selection is divided into traditional double wall tents and high performance single wall tents.’
    • ‘We have been manufacturing quality wall tents and horse packing equipment in Colorado since 1955.’
    • ‘The extra-wide bases on these metal feet will prevent the poles of your wall tent from sinking into soft ground.’
    • ‘It's certainly obvious manufacturers are placing a lot of stock in offering single wall tents to their customers.’
    • ‘The present tent system was constructed to be compatible with a primary wall tent having at least one door panel.’
    • ‘Single wall tents flex in the wind and actually flatten out in a hard blow that slips the wind over the top.’
    • ‘The heated wall tents are very warm and provide comfort as well as a taste of tradition with respect to winter living.’
    • ‘For these reasons single wall tents are most often used by backpackers, mountain climbers, and bicycle or motorcycle campers.’
    • ‘The large wall tent included a wood stove with vent through the roof.’
    • ‘Extra peak and ridge line reinforcements are two of the standard features that set our scout wall tents apart from the others.’
    • ‘At Kinney's we believe that you should have your wall tent the way you want it and we offer a wide range of options so you can do just that.’
    • ‘There are a lot of good wall tents on the market these days, but we couldn't find one with all the features we wanted, or the tents were not built the way we felt they should be built.’
    • ‘This heavy duty canvas wall tent has walls and roof constructed of all cotton canvas with 8 oz per square yard fabric that is treated for maximum water repellency.’
    • ‘We enjoy a hard earned reputation for making the best wall tents, and related gear for outfitters and hunters alike.’
    • ‘Single wall tents are easier to set up than a tent with a fly.’
    • ‘Truly a tent that has never gone out of style, the wall tent appears in all the woodsmanship books of the early part of this century and is still in use for guided hunting trips and Indian winter living in northern Canada.’


wall tent

/wôl tent/ /wɔl tɛnt/