Definition of wallaroo in English:



  • A large Australian kangaroo, the female of which is paler than the male.

    Genus Macropus, family Macropodidae: two species, in particular the common wallaroo (M. robustus)

    ‘When I was a child I can remember I had kangaroo rats, wallabies, wallaroos, brush wallabies, all different marsupials as pets, and they were really very, very interesting.’
    • ‘In Australia ‘kangaroo’ is used as a generic term covering different species of kangaroo, wallaby, and wallaroo of large and medium size.’
    • ‘The old shovel then fell apart and the wallaroo turned on Zac, Mrs Sinton's cattle dog.’
    • ‘Please note that I'm not a reactionary Xenophobic Euro-skeptic, it's just that I once went to Australia and discovered that the Euro (the intended currency for the whole of Europe) is a type of wallaby or wallaroo.’
    • ‘I caught my first glimpses of wild rock wallaroos peering at us shyly from the safety of a rocky ledge.’
    • ‘Shooters target primarily the red kangaroo, the eastern gray kangaroo, the western gray kangaroo, and the common wallaroo, with a smaller number of whiptail wallabies taken as well.’



/ˌwôləˈro͞o/ /ˌwɔləˈru/


Early 19th century from Dharuk walaru.