Definition of wandering in English:



  • Travelling aimlessly from place to place; itinerant.

    ‘a wandering preacher’
    • ‘He's like a wandering spirit waiting for an opening, allowing him to come back to life.’
    • ‘He's a wandering laborer with a penchant for black-out drinking, saddled with a blackmailing alcoholic groupie played by Thomas Mitchell.’
    • ‘However, to see wandering children selling flowers or begging on the roadside instead of learning at school is by no means rare in the city.’
    • ‘Thirty minutes west, the tribal government center of Sells accommodates both rumbling pick-up trucks and wandering cattle along its unassuming main street.’
    • ‘Captain Corbet has since retired from caving and is now a wandering minstrel on the Grand Union Canal.’
    • ‘He resolved to give up princely life and become a wandering ascetic (samana) in search for the Truth.’
    • ‘Canaanites in the Early Bronze Age lived both as wandering nomads in the countryside and as settled traders in walled cities.’
    • ‘Revealing that Claudius murdered King Hamlet by pouring poison in his ear, the wandering spirit begs young Hamlet to avenge his father's foul murder.’
    • ‘Elderly patients who die post-operatively usually have pre-existing lung trouble, pneumonia, heart attack, heart failure or lungs damaged by wandering clots (pulmonary emboli).’
    • ‘Become part of a wandering troupe of comedians who wish to bring about the Second Coming of Python.’
    • ‘He united the various wandering tribes and re-instituted order and stability among them.’
    • ‘Kane then led a wandering life, scraping a living by housepainting and carpentry.’
    • ‘Low-density populations of wandering spiders make excellent subjects for investigating the relationship between mate choice and encounter rate.’
    • ‘A wandering hippo is causing a stir among residents and holidaymakers at a popular Eastern Cape coastal resort.’
    • ‘The Walking Street Committee followed city hall's lead and put the persistent problem of wandering elephants in Pattaya as one of the hot topics discussed at their monthly meeting.’
    • ‘Though no substitute for a watchful eye, fences are a good way to help keep a wandering young one in bounds.’
    • ‘But the intermediate seas were navigated by the wandering shepherd tribes, who sometimes pastured their flocks by the waters of the Indus, sometimes by the waters of the Nile.’
    • ‘Its wandering conversations ease eventually into evening, then night and dawn again, where the movie ends.’
    • ‘Yet this wasted wandering minstrel has all the emotional wow of a Waits or a Springsteen in his prime.’
    • ‘The viewer is faced with the aftermath of an unspecified disaster, and a countryside filled with wandering loners on the brink of oollapse.’
    travelling, rambling, roaming, roving, journeying, drifting, itinerant, floating, wayfaring, voyaging, touring
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