Definition of wandering Jew in English:

wandering Jew


  • 1A legendary person said to have been condemned by Jesus Christ to wander the earth until the Second Coming.

    1. 1.1A person who never settles down.
  • 2A tender trailing tradescantia, typically having striped leaves which are suffused with purple.

    Genus Tradescantia, family Commelinaceae: T. albiflora and T. pendula (formerly Zebrina pendula)

    ‘Other house plants to enjoy growing this way include wandering Jew, hoya, English ivy, trailing philodendron, Hawaiian ti, and, of course, lucky bamboo.’
    • ‘Here Ezrahi examines Paul Celan's elegiac German poetry and redefinition of the wandering Jew at a time when the Jewish State already exists and beckons.’
    • ‘The hero, an Irishman, who is a version of the wandering Jew, cannot die for 120 years, and goes through many changes of identity in his long, largely villainous, career.’


wandering Jew

/ˈwänd(ə)riNG jo͞o/ /ˈwɑnd(ə)rɪŋ dʒu/