Definition of wanderoo in English:



  • (in Sri Lanka) a leaf monkey or langur.

    Genus Presbytis, family Cercopithecidae: the purple-faced leaf monkey (P. vetulus), or the hanuman (P. entellus)

    ‘Another type of monkey, the lion-tailed macaque or wanderoo, is found in a small area of southern India.’
    • ‘The ancient statue overlooking the granite basin depicts a supine, sneering wanderoo but the Romans, because of its ugliness, compared it to a monkey or, more exactly, a baboon.’
    • ‘In reproductive work, I've worked with orang-utans, camels, gorillas, wanderoos [lion-tailed macaques], and Indian lions.’
    • ‘The remaining macaques include Macaca silensus (the wanderoos or lion-tail or lion-maned macaques) seen in a few exhibition and breeding colonies, and M. thibetana (the Tibet monkeys), seen only in a few exhibits outside China.’



/ˌwändəˈro͞o/ /ˌwɑndəˈru/


Late 17th century from Sinhalese wanderu ‘monkey’.