Definition of wanna in English:



  • Want to; want a.

    ‘you wanna know how low I've stooped?’
    ‘I wanna guitar’
    • ‘It's a Calypso gathering, you just wanna get down low and have a mad party and dance in the sun.’
    • ‘I don't wanna go into detail yet, I want you guys to just see it and then give me your feedback please!’
    • ‘If you wanna get involved in the music scene, you should just mind your own business and go out and make a record.’
    • ‘Every band that I go and jam with and put records out with, they don't really wanna do anything.’
    • ‘If they wanna sleep with you this week, they also wanted to sleep with the guy last week.’
    • ‘She's emailed me asking if I wanna stay over at her place after the gig.’
    • ‘About the tricky song ‘makes me wanna die’ which is ruined by a vague hip hop beat.’
    • ‘I can't imagine being with somebody who didn't stimulate my mind enough to wanna talk about stuff.’
    • ‘When someone rings up and asks if I wanna catch a movie, my first reaction is how can I get out of this?’
    • ‘I'm not sure how to take this forward, that's even if I wanna take this forward.’
    • ‘And if you wanna join him for a psychedelic freakout session then you can always have a word with this guy.’
    • ‘Listen, man, you wanna join the army just because you want to be told what to do.’
    • ‘Yeah you really believe in him, is that the sort of thing you wanna do?’
    • ‘Anything you wanna ask, I'll answer with the obvious exception of real names and addresses.’
    • ‘Oasis are headliners, but I've seen them twice this year so I didn't really wanna go for them.’
    • ‘He hit this tone that's engaging and funny and you just wanna watch him do this character more.’
    • ‘He made us kind of realize that there's more to being in the band than just playing what you wanna play.’
    • ‘So James is up there where we wanna go, and even if we go in the opposite direction, he's there.’
    • ‘I have a law degree but it's another three years if you wanna earn more than 10k a year.’