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  • (of a place) racked or devastated by war.

    ‘a war-torn republic’
    • ‘I'll be talking to a veteran of political developments programs in war-torn regions.’
    • ‘The young children in the war-torn city loved to paint and were always ready to learn, she said.’
    • ‘Despite claims of progress in the negotiations, the conflict in the war-torn province is continuing.’
    • ‘The coming visit will be the third for Megawati to the war-torn province since she was appointed president.’
    • ‘The sounds of battle surrounded me, making me feel as if I were in the midst of a war-torn city.’
    • ‘She added work is also underway to rebuild war-torn areas in the province.’
    • ‘After almost three years of hard work he helped bring peace to the war-torn region.’
    • ‘Around three million Tamils continue to live in the war-torn areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka.’
    • ‘Earlier, he would boast of his formative years stealing candy from kids in war-torn Africa.’
    • ‘The many orphans of the war-torn African country of Liberia might have no stronger wish than simply to be remembered.’
    • ‘The film tells the story of a ragged group of orphan children who attempt a desperate walk to freedom across a war-torn country.’
    • ‘Carlow nurse Lily Cummins recently departed for war-torn Sudan to lend her expertise to the aid effort there.’
    • ‘An estimated 15,000 contract workers from around the world are currently helping to rebuild war-torn Iraq.’
    • ‘The youngest member of the family detained last week was one of several St John's pupils who came to Rochdale from war-torn Angola.’
    • ‘South of Beirut, in the area around Tyre and Qana, the Hizbollah is still hanging on to the days of the war-torn past.’
    • ‘Tales of war-torn Bosnia and the suffering of the people there were commonplace in the early 90's.’
    • ‘We just like to concentrate mainly on rehabilitation and rebuilding of war-torn countries.’
    • ‘Born and raised in war-torn Nicaragua, Rebecca and her family fled to Panama as refugees in the early Eighties.’
    • ‘As a stark background, the war-torn Russian populace bitterly voices its utter misery.’
    • ‘The clients are obsessed with themselves, but also intrigued by the reticent Mira and her war-torn country.’
    devastated, ruined, wrecked, desolate



/ˈwôrˌtôrn/ /ˈwɔrˌtɔrn/