Definition of war college in English:

war college


mainly US
  • A college providing advanced instruction for senior officers of the armed services.

    ‘The enemy commanders are cum laude graduates of the international war college and masters of the art of asymmetrical warfare as practiced in Vietnam, Northern Ireland, and Israel.’
    • ‘In 1899, the Army established a war college, and McCarty Little did what he could to ensure that its curriculum included wargaming.’
    • ‘General Van Fleet's career between the wars is notable in that he did not attend either Leavenworth or any of the war colleges.’
    • ‘The focal point of this study is the conduct of Afrikaner guerrilla and British counterinsurgency operations, thus providing grist for the mills of war colleges and university strategic studies centers throughout the world.’
    • ‘This is the fundamental principle of the corporate university, the new executive development programs, and the military war colleges.’


war college

/wô(ə)r ˈkälij/ /wɔ(ə)r ˈkɑlɪdʒ/