Definition of war room in English:

war room


  • 1A room from which a war is directed.

    ‘It's a long way from a room in share house, to the war room of a futuristic submarine.’
    • ‘The General is making his decisions about the war in a war room based upon computers and real time communications, all over the world.’
    • ‘In the end hardly anyone was following the evidence outside the Committee, except the batteries of officials monitoring proceedings from the Defence war room hidden away next door.’
    • ‘His record for the first fifteen years in the senate, before he knew what he needed to say in order to get elected, is not the record of anyone I want within spitting distance of the White House war room.’
    • ‘He watched as the man looked up at the painting of Winston Churchill in the old war room beneath Whitehall, the only politician that Hammer had any respect for.’
    • ‘Prior to 9 / 11, al Qaeda was a centralized organization which used Afghanistan as a war room to strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide.’
    1. 1.1A room from which business or political strategy is planned.
      ‘They are manning a political war room near the FleetCenter to respond to the Democrats.’
      • ‘But many European experts doubt that the war room strategy will be enough.’
      • ‘The company now attempts to sell business and expertise, and from its New York war room selects targets in a variety of sectors ranging from utilities, banking, financial services and local government.’
      • ‘Like many reengineering efforts, a leadership change left most of the plans hanging in the team's war room.’
      • ‘He is busy building war rooms and planning important strategies to hold onto party leadership and the hereditary right to run the country that goes with it.’
      • ‘It is a motto today's liberals and progressives would do well to hang on the walls of the political campaign war rooms in the elections of the coming years.’
      • ‘We have representatives from both campaigns in their respective war rooms to talk about things political.’
      • ‘This scenario is played out daily in boardrooms, war rooms, presentation centers and other business communications facilities throughout the world.’
      • ‘In the days following the pub crawl, hundreds of resumes flooded Aylward's recruiting war room - and resulted in about 35 hires.’
      • ‘District service managers dialed in to the war room in Hopkinton, where Alderson and his team sat with stacks of paper that listed every job scheduled for the coming weekend.’
      • ‘It is the BJP's Election 2004 war room: here documents are being drafted, surveys analysed and new features added to the party's Web sites.’
      • ‘Researchers at the University of Michigan compared the productivity of software development teams in war room and traditional settings and found that workers in open offices were twice as productive as the others.’
      • ‘The presidential campaign was well known for its war room, not only responding very quickly to an opponent's attacks, but anticipating the attacks.’
      • ‘Accordingly, wouldn't my goals as a manager be far better served by treating the office more like a kitchen and less like a war room and fostering a sense of egalitarianism and pleasure in the process as well as the outcome?’
      • ‘Marketing sat up in the war room making maps, sticking little pins into the different quadrants, making decisions for salespeople who had to do the real dirty work.’
      • ‘After the primaries in California, you then set up the war room.’
      • ‘Welcome to the production war room.’
      • ‘The failure, until the past week, to set up a rapid-response war room has triggered a larger anxiety about his senate campaign: that it is all inoculation and no offense.’
      • ‘Job creation will come from corporate America, not government, once the right incentives and subsidies are in place, the war room says.’
      • ‘Dispatches reporter Jenny Smith worked in Labour's London regional press office in the run-up to the election, then in its Victoria Street national war room.’


war room

/wôr ro͞om/ /wɔr rum/ /ro͝om/ /rʊm/