Definition of warble fly in English:

warble fly


  • A large fly which lays its eggs on the legs of mammals such as cattle and horses. The larvae migrate internally to the host's back, where they form a small lump with a breathing hole, dropping to the ground later when fully grown.

    Genus Hypoderma, family Oestridae: several species, including the widespread H. bovis

    ‘The warble fly lays eggs on cattle in the Spring and Summer, and the larvae enter the animal to migrate through it.’
    • ‘He says Britain's mad cow outbreak can be traced to a mid-1980s government policy requiring farmers to apply high doses of a pesticide called Phosmet to their cows to kill warble fly larvae.’
    • ‘His research began by linking outbreaks of the disease with the compulsory application of organophosphate pesticides, used to prevent warble fly infestation in cattle.’
    • ‘The Minister for Agriculture today alerted farmers that cattle, particularly those which may have come into the jurisdiction within the past year, could show signs of warble fly.’


warble fly

/ˈwôrbəl flī/ /ˈwɔrbəl flaɪ/