Definition of ward heeler in English:

ward heeler


informal, derogatoryUS
  • A person who assists in a political campaign by canvassing votes for a party and performing menial tasks for its leaders.

    • ‘The people in these organizations - from party leader to ward heeler to precinct captain to loyal voter - mattered.’
    • ‘As a politician, Lelyveld is a benevolent ward heeler.’
    • ‘Jeb missed his calling as a ward heeler, who could raise the dead to vote every four years.’
    • ‘Expelled from school after sixth grade as incorrigible, he became a ward heeler for the Jersey City Democratic machine.’
    • ‘He was like the party boss or ward heeler - but he carefully avoided any pretense or delusion of wanting to be the elected official.’
    • ‘At the same time, Leo also had a second career as a kind of Newark ward heeler, delivering the Polish vote to Republican candidates.’
    • ‘The power of many local officials and ward heelers throughout history was largely based on delivery.’
    • ‘Moreover, the Democratic Party itself had changed, largely as a result of skilled African-American ward heelers that set out to transform the party from the ground up.’
    • ‘The candidate (a man, generally) begins a speech that has been worked on by his handlers, the one designed to please the fat cats and ward heelers - i.e., the ‘special interests.’’
    • ‘In return, ring politicians rewarded district flunkies with patronage positions, even as district proprietors listed ward heelers on their employment roles.’