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warehouse club

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  • An organization which operates from a large out-of-town store and sells goods in bulk at discounted prices to business and private customers who must first become club members.

    ‘I noticed that both my experience in the bank and at the discount warehouse club, the clerk seemed to be answering questions about the company's hours, location and or directions to the place.’
    • ‘He's CEO of Costco, the profitable warehouse club retailer that's fast growing across the country.’
    • ‘Those bargain tables at the bookstore, warehouse club or discount chain - what amount to the book ‘clearance rack ‘- are the culmination of a complicated series of transactions, called ‘remaindering.’’
    • ‘‘Being a warehouse club, we're very cost-conscious,’ says Sara Dill, manager of energy for BJ's Wholesale Club, a chain of 142 membership-based wholesale clubs operating in 16 states along the eastern seaboard.’
    • ‘I'm not kidding - I grow it in abundance and still have to supplement our habit with five pound bags from the warehouse club.’
    • ‘I usually visit America for a few weeks a year - not enough to justify membership in a warehouse club.’
    • ‘Chances are if you are at a newsstand, discount chain or warehouse club this summer, you will see some of the most alluring displays for African American books ever attempted.’
    • ‘They'll be happy to take you with them; warehouse club shopping is much more fun as a social experience.’
    • ‘The company is working to strengthen its presence beyond the supermarket channel and into warehouse clubs and convenience stores, deep discounters and online grocery shopping.’
    • ‘Their products are sold to mail-order companies and warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam's Club.’
    • ‘The cream cheese category enjoyed a healthy 4.9 percent increase in dollar sales in supermarkets, convenience stores and warehouse clubs over the last year.’
    • ‘Or it could sell home machines through warehouse clubs like Costco or BJ's, which are very successful in moving upscale merchandise.’
    • ‘Posting growth of 141 percent from 1992 to 2000, the other general retailers, composed of discounters and warehouse clubs, reached $170.9 billion in retail revenue.’
    • ‘Lambert expects the operations of restaurants, foodservice companies and grocers to blur as more pre-prepared food products start showing up in convenience stores and warehouse clubs.’
    • ‘The revised NAICS detail will provide data for such new categories as computer and software stores, warehouse clubs and super stores, and office supplies and stationary stores.’
    • ‘In the retail niche of warehouse clubs, the irresistible force is an irresolute flailer.’
    • ‘Many companies will also offer special deals to customers who are members of other organizations (i.e. credit unions, warehouse clubs, etc).’
    • ‘And there are mass-market-media retail chains - Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, the warehouse clubs - which have a Wal-Marting effect (as psychological as it is economic) on books and videos.’
    • ‘Beef-A-Reeno - a canned pasta dish (similar to Chef Boy-Ar-Dee) that is bought in large cans from warehouse clubs, and then fed to horses, who in turn emit a foul odor’
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warehouse club

/ˈwe(ə)rˌhous kləb/ /ˈwɛ(ə)rˌhaʊs kləb/