Definition of warfighter in English:



  • A soldier in combat.

    ‘As these pages go to press, Army and Marine Corps warfighters operating in Iraq have already begun receiving a new combat capability that places a high tech spin on an old tech concept.’
    • ‘With the ability to communicate with warfighters on the ground, higher commands could continue battlefield operations in Northern Iraq.’
    • ‘The photos on these pages provide a look at some of the logistics support the Army provided to the coalition's warfighters in the first weeks of the operation.’
    • ‘This is essential to achieving near-real-time, anticipatory logistics support for warfighters.’
    • ‘It is also important for strategic leaders and warfighters to understand the media as a potent force multiplier in a wide variety of areas.’
    • ‘The U.S. military needs to know whether a person encountered by a warfighter is a friend or foe.’
    • ‘Marines deployed around the world are not only warfighters or peacekeepers, they are symbols to the world of what America stands for.’
    • ‘The soft-ware applications in the library continue to be used to increase safety for the warfighter and ensure combat effectiveness.’
    • ‘You must know both your business and the business of warfighters; you cannot be an effective intelligence officer unless you understand what warfighting is all about.’
    • ‘Staffed by seasoned warfighters and functional experts, the AWG will be a center of excellence for innovative thinking and imaginative implementation.’
    • ‘An integrated coordination function that ensures warfighters receive effective support from the appropriate component.’
    • ‘Prediction technologies will enable logisticians to provide tailored support to warfighters and lower operational and sustainment costs.’
    • ‘Modular units will allow for a plug and play capability, which will enable the Army to provide the flexible mix of capabilities needed by warfighters.’
    • ‘The Army is planning the future logistics organizations that will deliver support to the warfighter during the first 30 days.’
    • ‘I think we can all agree there is a relationship between the function of military logistics and the warfighter.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, at the ‘sharp end of the spear,’ logisticians, like warfighters, need a robust level of capability and redundancy.’
    • ‘Also noteworthy during this fulfilling assignment was CW5 Maroney's direct support to the warfighters in Bosnia-Herzegovina.’
    • ‘Troops could deploy to any nation on earth and we're currently dealing with territory all over the world so that we can more quickly provide simulation support to the warfighters.’
    • ‘Unconventional warfighters like terrorists are by definition immune to the massive concentrations of power that are the traditional object of a mobilization.’
    • ‘To carry out their missions effectively, depot maintainers go into the field, onto Navy ships, and into the theater of operations to support our warfighters.’



/ˈwôrˌfīdər/ /ˈwɔrˌfaɪdər/