Definition of warhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwôrˌhed/ /ˈwɔrˌhɛd/

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  • The explosive head of a missile, torpedo, or similar weapon.

    ‘a nuclear warhead’
    • ‘The missile warhead incorporates a dynamically compensated shaped and copper lined charge.’
    • ‘On explosion, the warhead produces a great fragmentation effect and shock wave.’
    • ‘All nuclear warheads that were deployed in Ukraine were dismantled by Russia.’
    • ‘The missile uses a tandem warhead, which can defeat modern armor and reactive panels.’
    • ‘These missile warheads are supposed to go off in the air if a target is not found, but this doesn't always work.’
    • ‘The U.S. is also considering arming these missiles with nuclear warheads.’
    • ‘The high explosive fragmentation warhead is fitted with an active laser proximity fuse.’
    • ‘One of the most urgent tasks facing Japan is to prevent North Korea from putting nuclear warheads on Rodong missiles.’
    • ‘The US has over 10,000 nuclear warheads and more nuclear weapons than the rest of the world combined.’
    • ‘A careful review of low-yield and neutron bomb warheads would be most timely.’
    • ‘All the units are very configurable, from power plants down to missile warheads.’
    • ‘Last month Pakistan tested ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads deep into India.’
    • ‘This is kind of hard to prove, but weapons capable of delivering warheads 113 miles is pretty scary.’
    • ‘Lee sought to calm the public by saying the Chinese missiles only carried dummy warheads.’
    • ‘The Ghaznavi missile is capable of delivering nuclear warheads against most Indian cities.’
    • ‘Dagen dismissed Iran's claims that it had no plans to equip its missiles with atomic warheads.’
    • ‘And to be confident in their use, you would need to have tested both the warhead and the missile itself.’
    • ‘I don't believe that they could put a warhead on a missile that could reach the continental United States.’
    • ‘Yesterday, the Pentagon claimed success for its missile shield, after an interceptor missile hit a dummy warhead over the Pacific.’