Definition of Warholian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the American artist Andy Warhol or his work, especially with reference to his pop art.

    ‘the imagery is semi-abstract with a Warholian edge’
    • ‘In fact the conceptual side of the book does present many Warholian images.’
    • ‘The fact that both bands performed in Exploding Plastic Inevitable at the Trip club in Los Angeles is a great Warholian irony.’
    • ‘For those in quest of Warholian thrills, hanging on the wall opposite the Lawsons were two of Richard Prince's recent Nurse paintings.’
    • ‘And for all the press his unconventional live readings garnered - one of which involved Eggers quietly cutting hair - the real engine driving this rise was not a Warholian understanding of celebrity, but talent.’
    • ‘With its composition of repeating shots of the two cocks bathed in swaths of pink and yellow, this canvas looks very Warholian and significantly less worked than some of the other paintings on view.’


  • A follower or admirer of the American artist Andy Warhol or his work.

    ‘the meeting was much anticipated by the Warholians’
    • ‘She kept waiting for The Andy to move. < / p> For Warholians, a more loyal army of fans, the statue is a shrine.’
    • ‘It all sounds like a drink and drug-fuelled bacchanal in which the various Warholians decided to sort of jam in the midst of the orgy and somehow ended up with a hit song, before being pulled back into the primordial sex-sludge by transsexual mermaids on mescaline.’
    • ‘On our way out, we again encountered the Warholians, who, unlike their leader, had not left after all.’
    • ‘The meeting was much anticipated by the Warholians, excited that their superstar was going to meet the sexy English singer.’
    • ‘For Warholians, the insult “faker” loses force.’