Definition of warn someone off in English:

warn someone off

phrasal verb

  • 1Tell someone forcefully or threateningly to go away or stay.

    1. 1.1Advise someone forcefully against (a particular thing or course of action)
      ‘he has been warned off booze’
      • ‘While many shunned the Ayrshire stockbroker during his period of exile from the tracks - he was warned off for ten years for his part in scandal.’
      • ‘Just as he is about to get to the bottom of the affair, he is warned off by the American ambassador in Saigon.’
      • ‘Now when John Main began has explorations into meditation he was warned off that path by his own order, was he not?’
      • ‘The couple decided to try for a baby without seeking specialist advice in case they were warned off due to the risks involved.’
      • ‘When he was warned off writing the book by Naipaul's second wife, it just made him all the more determined.’
      • ‘That's why we weren't warned off the attack sooner.’
      • ‘Police reportedly found evidence of sabotage, but were happy to call the crash an accident when, it is said, they were warned off looking too closely.’
      • ‘The rebels in Shanghai had been warned off interfering with the secretariat of the East China Bureau on the grounds that it was an organ of the Central Committee.’
      • ‘Medication is contra-indicated and he has been warned off excessive alcohol usage.’
      • ‘‘The police went to see the guy, warned them off and it stopped,’ he said.’
      • ‘Osileani pulled his weapon in front of the crone's haggard faces, warning them off with a cautious step.’
      • ‘Mark pointed at one on one of the stands and the smiley woman helping us warned him off.’
      • ‘Has the Home Office been on the blower to warn you off?’
      • ‘I swore and cursed at him for a couple of minutes and he warned me off.’
      • ‘I had asked him what he wanted, because I hadn't met such nice boys before, and the last time I did meet someone I liked, Kip had warned him off.’
      • ‘Mealtimes are loaded with messages, subliminal and explicit, to warn you off or turn you on.’
      • ‘When the media arrived, two men came out and tried to warn them off.’
      • ‘I keep waiting for him to warn me off, to use his own crippling accident and this video to scare me straight.’
      • ‘When I came in behind him in a thermal in the start circle he deliberately turned back and into me to intimidate me and warn me off.’
      • ‘If they try to pester you into buying their cover, turn it down flat and threaten to walk out - this should warn them off!’