Definition of warp speed in English:

warp speed



  • An extremely high speed.

    • ‘these exciting developments are moving ahead at warp speed’
    • ‘Still, to move from parody to icon at such warp speed is stunning.’
    • ‘In Dallas, they keep changing the mix at warp speed.’
    • ‘The public relations campaign continues today at warp speed.’
    • ‘Its benefits included intergalactic space travel at warp speed.’
    • ‘Covered entities were supposed to start moving ahead at warp speed.’
    • ‘Shareholders are anxious to see the stock recover; employees want morale to improve at warp speed.’
    • ‘He has rebuilt programs at warp speed at every previous stop.’
    • ‘Growth can go at warp speed in every domain of life.’
    • ‘News travels at warp speed in the new economy.’
    • ‘In spite of moving at warp speed, Isaacs has it under control.’
    • ‘Her creativity keeps her moving at warp speed.’
    • ‘Achieving warp speed, it turns out, is a spectacularly simple idea.’
    • ‘Tony was changing at warp speed, too.’
    • ‘Just before twelve I hopped into the shower and suddenly the pace of the day accelerated to warp speed.’
    • ‘I think it is safe to say that my second term in office is already moving at warp speed!’
    • ‘Information is, quite literally, at their fingertips and decisions are being made at warp speed.’
    • ‘Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster, and embarrassing news travels at warp speed.’
    • ‘And so as life moves at warp speed, so does our craft.’
    • ‘He had that thing going at warp speed.’
    • ‘They have sped up to warp speed.’


1970s popularized by the US television series Star Trek (originally referring to a faster-than-light speed attained by a spaceship traveling in a space warp).