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  • 1A hostile or confrontational course of action.

    ‘he has has escalated his warpath against his perceived enemies’
    • ‘My eternally humorless grouch of a nanny was on the warpath, intending to scrub me clean after a messy cops and robbers game gone horribly muddy.’
    • ‘We also had, on the French side from Quebec, a certain trace of American Indian ancestry - so, if I go on the warpath once in a while, you'll understand why.’
    • ‘In the noble name of ‘federalism,’ the Supreme Court, under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, is on the warpath against the Congress.’
    • ‘Dairy processors were on the warpath, seeking to reclaim their share of stomach by giving consumers not only what they need, but also what they want.’
    • ‘Bollea is on the warpath, gaining fans everywhere for his hard work and ‘do anything’ hardcore attitude.’
    • ‘Still, the media giant is on the warpath to make its financial targets for the first year of its $103 billion merger.’
    • ‘The English teacher was walking purposefully towards Zack, her entire body posture screamed that she was on the warpath.’
    • ‘Unions representing pilots, attendants and machinists are still on the warpath.’
    • ‘Rosie O'Donnell is on the warpath, and she's taking revenge on a long list of Hollywood enemies!’
    • ‘I wanted to pose burning a flag, naked, looking like an Amazon on the warpath.’
    • ‘Now we can't do anything during class or breaks, since Miss Richardson is on the warpath.’
    • ‘Senator Byron Dorgan is on the warpath against these corporate cheats.’
    • ‘United, however, are also on the warpath as they also bit the dust at the weekend, going down 1-0 to Silver Stars.’
    • ‘The All India Confederation of Central and State Governments Class Four Employees is on the warpath.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, by the end of the week it was clear that Bush and his running-mate were back on the warpath.’
    • ‘Joe had been on the warpath the whole day, and it was obviously getting to the rest of the cast.’
    • ‘They scolded them all soundly for being so foolhardy as to ride around with so many enemies on the warpath.’
    • ‘A nation always on the warpath means a nation always under arms, a nation to which war is always coming home.’
  • 2 historical A route taken by North American Indians heading toward a battle with an enemy.

    • ‘their warpath has reached the shores of the Pacific’



/ˈwôrˌpaTH/ /ˈwɔrˌpæθ/


    on the warpath
    • 1Angry and ready or eager for confrontation.

      ‘her outraged husband was on the warpath’
      • ‘when he learns of the betrayal he goes on the warpath’
    • 2 historical (of North American Indians) heading toward a battle with an enemy.